Next time could be opportunity to buy some BCH before price goes up if you can do it in time and then sell before it starts dropping. If you hold some at the moment it could be time to sell while the price is still high. This is just a speculation and I could be wrong or they might release another batch tomorrow and push the prices even higher but at least something to think about. For technical reasons the rewards were less than they should be first couple of months, but this month has been on target so far. I’ve been staking Linda too (in the Qt-based wallet) and my stakes were doing slightly better than the masternode at first but this month the masternode has earned more than staking the same amount would. On average, staking should earn about 50% per annum while a masternode should earn about 60% per annum.

It seems that it’s taken into account in the final calculation. I did have a renter request a partial refund when the same thing happened to me once, and the refund was incorrectly granted, so watch out for that. I contacted the site’s admin who apologised for the mistake and promptly reversed the refund. I think it’s usually just that the renter is mining some minor coin on a small/crappy pool. I often see that with my L3+ miners but not so much with the S9s.

It might be going in waves and more people might buy X3 seeing as A3 still does OK and too many might be sold again which could result in D3 story again. That’s why I am being cautious and do not want to buy one on my own but we are strongly considering buying 1 between 2 of us to spread the risk. I am far from turning rigs off, they earn less but they still earn more than they spend in electricity and extra heating is welcome at this cold spell of weather. Are you running RX580 with the same settings for ETH as for CryptoNight, mine definitely will not run at the same settings and need less agressive overclock. Less than £2 per card might not be much if you only have 2 cards but when you have 10 cards it’s still about £500 with £95 electricity costs and you do not have to babysit it all day.

GPU Mining Rig Rack Frame Case Ethereum Monero BTC ETH LTC UK STOCK

With a 6 foot rack you could create a multi-storey GPU miner. Yeah, that and misinformation are probably its greatest threats. People don’t seem to realise that governments can’t do anything to stop Bitcoin, yet the price flinches almost every time some government makes an announcement about cryptocurrencies. Certainly there’s some crypto-bargains to be had right now.

I could potentially set them as lyra2REv2 on MRR and earn a bit more but market for it on MRR is quite small and slow for ti on MRR so could be long wait until they get rented. The guy who bought it is fairly new to crypto and mining. He has a couple of S9s running at work lockup where he does not have to pay for electricity and now adding S17 to his fleet. He was also interested in making some GPU rigs and mining Eth.

It might reduce the global hashing power a little too, decreasing difficulty while increasing profitability. Although I doubt some of the larger Chinese mining operations will give up that easily. I read that some already have plans to move overseas.

GPU Miner Mining Rig Frame Computer Case for Crypto Coin Currency Ethereum

Nicehash just announced impending support for Cryptonight V7 which is the ASIC-resistant Monero fork due shortly. It’ll be interesting to see what rates for that are like… Mine are all back at ~500MH/s presently because I found that if I overclocked them much beyond the standard frequency I was forever having to reboot them.

I cannot remember which one it was but I remember one it was but there was one where maintenance costs in creases more than 3x as they moved, later were halved but still a lot more than at the beginning of contract. Or if you want to invest in new emerging coins it might be an idea to buy some short term hashing power from NiceHash or MiningRigRentals but not cost effective for established coins. I’m using 4 inch ducting, but only on the exhaust side so far. At roughly 80 degrees, the chip temps are probably slightly higher than they would be without the ducting, but they are getting cool air from the cellar.

Meanwhile, most miners either stop mining or stop selling, reducing supply, setting the stage for a strong upward price movement once the whales have decided where the ‘bottom’ is. I switched my rigs back on when the house temperature dropped below 21 the other day. They are warming the house and making about £1-2 a day above their electricity costs which covers the rest of the electricity bill and reduces heating oil costs. GPU’s are just about breaking even during day time electricity prices now and earning a little bit during nights but I keep them running 24/7, keeps the house at 25C even with dropping outside temps. Bitmain has also released new Antrouter R3-LTC , bigger in size, a bit faster WiFi and 6 mining chips instead of 1 and working at higher frequency, obviously consuming more electricity.

Active PFC Mining Power Supply PSU 1800W For 8GPU ATX Eth Rig Ethereum Miner

Again, not huge rewards but still worthwhile, especially if the PC is usualy switched on and running anyway. Linda coin is also a masternode coin but presently you need 30 million Lindas to run a masternode. However, the developers have recently announced that they will be lowering the masternode requirement to 2 million Lindas in a few months.

trezarcoin mining pool

Cards are very close on Onda motherboard about 1cm apart. I only have 2 on there at the moment and they are running similar temps as before , fan speed is a bit higher but not loud. I did some tinkering with xmr-stak yesterday as well when I put my two 580s in the Vega rig. I just can not get it to go as fast as Cast whatever I do.

You can make a LOT of money by buying a low priced coin at the right time. Just a few hundred pounds’ worth of the right coin can turn into tens of thousands if you’re patient and willing to “HODL” for a several months. It can take a bit of nerve to take a ‘long’ position though, resisting the temptation to ‘short’ the coin the first time it pumps a little. Ride out the waves and, if the coin is worth investing in, you may eventually be rewarded with huge gains. MY 1080 Tis got rented out on Equihash on MRR again before I could look at alternatives so cannot point them elsewhere at the moment. They were doing about £9 for 13 GH/s on Blake2s but quickly dropped to £6, then switched to lyra2REv2 £9 for 130MH/s and the current rental on MRR on Equihash is about £10.50/day so I am not loosing anything.

This year the prices has been steadily climbing, and around 50 öre/kWh I would say. The two Gigabyte cards have been fed cold air from the loft. They all run happily at ~65 degrees with auto fan control on. Since the Monero algo change to Cryptonight v8 its using 600W for 5.4MH/s which covers its electricity costs on Nicehash at 13p a unit. Since v8 has introduced some instability compared to v7, I might as well just run the central heating instead.


Probably not as much profit as I would’ve made had I kept the funds invested, but just about enough to make buying them worthwhile I think. It was not working well on Microserver, I thought it was splitters fault and have not used it since but it was a bit dodgy on Microserver even with one card without splitter so the splitter might be OK. There are other versions like 1 to 2 and 1 to 4 as well, possibly even more. The bus bandwidth is not an issue, each card only uses 1-2% of available bandwidth running on Gen2 x1 PCIe slot.

I just don’t have the mental capacity to monitor the markets and change the currency being mined. It works exactly the same as buying for ad-hoc trades, just the other way round. You don’t have to register any differently to buying. Put in the amount you want to sell and it will offer you a price and a buyer.

I’ve tried all the EU servers and they all behave just as badly. The S9 is a bit noisier than some of the other Antminers and it does seem to take a little longer to boot. There’s also very little in the way of configuration options. I think some of the very early batches of S9s enabled things like clock frequency and fan speeds to be adjusted, but those settings were removed in later batches, for whatever reason.

I read something on their FB page that the B would be $3600 with a minimum order of 6 which puts it well out of my reach. I did email them and ask, but just got a cut n paste ‘out of stock’ reply which was not encouraging. That’s quick for end of January batch, I am still waiting for the one that was originally start of January, than changed 10-20th December after I ordered it, Bitmain now says it will be despatched around 2nd January. I’d like a couple of R4s to heat kitchen too, but they never come up for sale at sensible prices.

It will be interesting to see how the Chinese government will react if they do. What some governments seem yet to realise is that resisting the rise of cryptocurrencies will hurt their economies, not save them. Early adopters like Japan (where Bitcoin’s popularity has exploded since the government embraced it by making it a legal currency), are likely to benefit from a significant economy boost as cryptocurrencies grow.

I was hoping to perhaps double my money if I sell them on Ebay but if I’m selling to someone here I’m happy with cost price, or just a very small profit would be nice. Still deciding whether or not to keep one of them myself but I’m running out of places to put them … What price are you looking for in either GBP or crypto?

Crypto mining rig – Ethereum + Loads Of Other Coins **READ DESCRIPTION**

I have pointed my CryptoNight rigs to Nicehash when they are not rented out again, I have just under 2000 ETN I have mined in between rentals and as the difficulty has gone up rewards are very small to mine directly. It’s interesting you only see little drop on Vegas as difficulty bitmex exchange review cryptocurrency trading have gone from ~3 billion 2 weeks ago to 8 this morning to 11 now and my estimated earnings for 9kH/s gone down from 750+ to less than 40. They could be mining something else that is so new or little that it’s not available on exchanges or does not show up on profit calculators.

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